Far from our hometown, we finally found an oasis. We spent 10 week in Imsouane last November to share good times and sick waves. It was a rare moment ; people were kind and happy to get to know each other.
Good vibes only ! Then we came back at the beginning of January to find out secret spots.

A moroccan digression.

Thanks to the riders : Robin Falxa, Nathan Sadoun, Jules Lepecheux, Balthazar Guilloré, Victor Delignette, Hugo Pelpel, Vincent Lauzel, Pierre Kulundzic, Margaux Arramon-tucoo, Alice Vedrine, Simon Routa, Mohamed Talah, Gabe Rooney, Giacomo Perez-Dortona, Jules Viard, Nil Caillet, Harry Bertrand, Hugo Lemanceau, Nicolas Boyer

Thanks to Olo Surf & Nature ; O’s Surfshop

Thanks to “La Femme” which did an amazing live facing the sea during the olO’s Magic Bay Happening .

Directed & edited by Guillaume QUERE
Analog photography by Zacharie HOFFMAN

Soundtrack :

You can buy here “Wooden Shjips - Home” : itunes.apple.com/fr/album/west-deluxe-version/453833836

You can buy here “La Femme - Antitaxi” : itunes.apple.com/fr/album/psycho-tropical-berlin-deluxe/795372043

You can buy here “Saint DX - First Fantasy” : itunes.apple.com/fr/album/first-fantasy-single/1402727968


Underwater demo reel 2018

A new world is opening its arms to me ; I decided to go deeper to capture new mermaids.

The Australian Experience - EAST

In 2014, we were 4 friends living France after being graduate ; we spent more than 5 months in Australia before flying to Asia.

This movie is apart of our trip and our way of life.