6 semaines de break loin de tout. 5 amis voyagent à bord d’un catamaran en Polynesie ; le Bella Blue.

Chacun est venu avec ses raisons bien qu’ils en aient une en commun : se ressourcer.
Un tel voyage est une expérience hors du commun, une expérience unique ; qui les a confronté à des situations qu'ils ne connaissaient plus. L’attente, l’ennui ; il a fallut se réapproprier le temps, réapprendre à l’appréhender.

Voici le récit d’une expérience personnelle et collective à la fois ; un voyage idyllique et introspectif.

Réalisation & montage : Guillaume Quéré

Avec la participation de :
Balthazar Guilloré
Eleonore Wismes
Tabata Guilloré
François Andries
Jacques Guilloré

Ingénieur du son : Marc Eres
Musique : Abstract Aprils, Odd Berries, Quentin Phils

6 weeks far from everything. 5 friends on catamaran across French Polynesia ; the « Bella Blue ».
Each of them came here for different reasons, but they shared a common one : to recover.
Such a trip is a unique experience which confront them situations that they don’t know anymore. Waiting, boredom ; it was necessary to deal with time, and make it a friend.

This is the tale of personal experience from side, and a collective from another. An idyllic and inward-looking trip.

Directed & edited by Guillaume Quéré

Starring :
Balthazar Guilloré
Eleonore Wismes
Tabata Guilloré
François Andries
Jacques Guilloré

Sound Engineer : Marc Eres
Music : Abstract Aprils, Odd Berries, Quentin Phils


Far from our hometown, we finally found an oasis. We spent 10 week in Imsouane last November to share good times and sick waves. It was a rare moment ; people were kind and happy to get to know each other.
Good vibes only ! Then we came back at the beginning of January to find out secret spots.

A moroccan digression.

Thanks to the riders : Robin Falxa, Nathan Sadoun, Jules Lepecheux, Balthazar Guilloré, Victor Delignette, Hugo Pelpel, Vincent Lauzel, Pierre Kulundzic, Margaux Arramon-tucoo, Alice Vedrine, Simon Routa, Mohamed Talah, Gabe Rooney, Giacomo Perez-Dortona, Jules Viard, Nil Caillet, Harry Bertrand, Hugo Lemanceau, Nicolas Boyer

Thanks to Olo Surf & Nature ; O’s Surfshop

Thanks to “La Femme” which did an amazing live facing the sea during the olO’s Magic Bay Happening .

Directed & edited by Guillaume QUERE
Analog photography by Zacharie HOFFMAN

Soundtrack :

You can buy here “Wooden Shjips - Home” :

You can buy here “La Femme - Antitaxi” :

You can buy here “Saint DX - First Fantasy” :


Underwater demo reel 2018

A new world is opening its arms to me ; I decided to go deeper to capture new mermaids.